Worship Committee

Because worship is at the heart of the congregation’s life, the decisions made by the Worship Committee ultimately affect all.

Effective communication is vital. Not only do decisions have to be made clear for those who must carry them out, but the committee also may need to educate those charged with worship responsibilities. Even the service folder may need attention so that the liturgy is clear and inviting for all participants.

The Worship Committee sees that the worship services of the congregation are conducted regularly and in accordance with Lutheran tradition and teaching. It supervises, trains and supports all worship assistants as well as supports and oversees the music ministries of the congregation. The Committee provides for the use and care of all paraments, altarware, vestments, materials, and decoration used in worship. It plans special services, encourages congregational participation, and studies issues related to the worship ministry.

Working with the director of worship and music, the Worship and Music Ministry’s function is to oversee the different styles of worship at Ascension, coordinating the various liturgies and services to provide an enriching worship experience for congregants. This includes special emphasis on festival Sundays.

Some of the responsibilities of the Worship Committee include:

Visioning (based on mutual learning and involvement in the worship life of the congregation

Policy making (including recommendations to Council)

Overseeing subcommittees

Evaluation of regular liturgies and special events

Receiving feedback from the congregation

Coordinating with other committees, individuals or subcommittees

Training and coordination of particular ministries (lay ministers, readers, altar guilds, acolytes)

Planning worship with the pastors and musicians

Environment and seasonal decorating

Coordinating publicity for liturgies and other events

Preparing explanatory or inspiring articles in the newsletter about particular services and times in the church year

Reassessing worship times

Designing clear and attractive service folders

Providing opportunities for community singing

Staying aware of liturgical trends and concerns within the synod, ELCA, and among ecumenical partners

Caring for the committee budget

Selecting and maintaining worship books, vestments, paraments, vessels, and musical instruments

Purchasing candles, bread, wine, flowers, music, seasonal needs and décor

Recruiting members for organizations such as choirs, altar guild, etc.

We are always seeking members who would like to develop their understanding of the Lutheran worship service or to serve in various capacities during worship services. The Worship Committee is open to all Ascension members who wish to contribute toward the worship life of our congregation. If you desire to contribute in this fashion you will be welcomed! If you have any questions or wish to participate, email Howard Sonstegard.