Worship Assistants

Our Worship Teams create a warm, welcoming and orderly environment so that the focus of worship services can remain on worship. Through your participation and service, we are reminded that we are all part of the priesthood of believers and witnesses to God’s love. Volunteering on one of our Worship Teams is a fun fellowship opportunity.

Many opportunities exist to help with worship:

Banner Making

Worship banners add color and texture to our worship services. Our volunteers create a variety of banners for all the liturgical seasons and rotate them throughout the year to continually change the look of the sanctuary. Ascension has some truly beautiful banners and would love your sewing skills.

Communion Assistant

All worship services include a Communion Assistant. A Communion Assistant is assigned to serve as part of a team serving Communion to worshippers. This team consists of the Pastor, a Communion Assistant and an Acolyte. During Communion, the Communion Assistant follows the Pastor and serves the bread, wine or grape juice.

Lay Reader

Lay readers of all ages are needed and invited to read the Word of God in our worship services.


Because of the large number of worshippers who stream through our doors each weekend, many ushers are needed at each service to ensure a meaningful worship experience and create a welcoming atmosphere for all. Ushers are placed on teams and serve on a rotating basis at our worship services. Ushers are also needed for our special events.

If you are interested in serving as a Banner Maker, Communion Assistant, Lay Reader or an Usher please contact Howard Sonstegard at hsonstegard@alcto.org.

Welcome Team

Members of our Welcome Team possess the gifts, talents and enthusiasm for going the extra mile to create a welcoming environment. Ascension is committed to making all people who visit us feel welcome. We want them to know that they are a part of a church family who genuinely cares about one another. We would like our guests and members to know us as a unique community of people who want to serve the Lord and reach out to others in Christian love and care. If you would like to be a part of the Welcome Team please contact Diane Kusnierek at dkusnierek@alcto.org.