Welcome Team

Our Welcome Team is made up of people with passion and courage – people who understand themselves to be called to welcome the stranger here at Ascension.

Our Welcome Team involves:

Ambassadors. They play such a vital role in greeting people and welcoming newcomers.

Ushers, helping to facilitate a wonderful worship experience.

Name tag encouragers. It is so helpful when people wear name tags.

Coffee time hosts. They serve people during the fellowship time after church.

Telephone reminders. Someone to contact those scheduled to serve on a given weekend with a "reminder" phone call.

The Welcome Team commitment includes coming 15 minutes early to church and staying about 15 minutes afterward. You choose one or more of the above mentioned functions at the service of your choice. The person in charge of running this program is Pastor Willis Moerer, who oversees scheduling. With enough welcome team members, your commitment would be just once per month.

We periodically host training sessions in the church library for about 30 minutes following each worship service. You choose the area(s) of service and which worship service you attend.

This Welcoming Ministry has incredible potential to help grow our membership here at Ascension as well as God’s kingdom. We are very excited about this ministry and would like you to consider being a part of this team. To join, or to get any questions that you might have answered, please email Diane Kusnierek. If you are interested in Ushering please contact Howard Sonstegard.