Places to Serve Today

God is so faithful to us; we can be faithful to him by sharing with God’s people the gifts he has given us. There are many ways to do that here at Ascension. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Susanne Hopkins in the church office.

Time and Talents

Please help the church by completing a “Time and Talent Survey.” Please note the areas of service and participation in which you would be willing to assist in the mission of our congregation.

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Discover Your Spiritual Gifts

Every Christ follower has received at least one spiritual gift from God and possibly more. What are spiritual gifts? They are special gifts and abilities freely given by God to his people to build up the body of Christ and meet the needs of the church. One way to discover your spiritual gifts is to take the ELCA Spiritual Gifts Self Assessment.

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Once you have completed the inventory we encourage you to apply your top gifts in ministry. It is in using them that you get confirmation that they are your true spiritual gifts. If you are comfortable sharing your top three ministry gifts with the church so that we may contact you when specific ministry gifts are needed, please email these to Diane Kusnierek in the church office.