Ascension’s pastors, lay ministry leaders Susanne Hopkins, Norm Guetschoff, and Don Bielke, and our team of Eucharistic ministers visit people in their homes or in the hospital when they are not able to come to worship for different reasons. We listen, we pray, share Scripture and Holy Communion and thank the people for their prayers for Ascension and the world! Our congregation has a significant and growing number of members who are in hospitals, nursing homes or are homebound. The Eucharistic Ministry, started in 2017, consists of specially trained members who take the sacrament from worship to share with shut-ins. This does not take the place of pastoral visits, but supplements that ministry. Some of our shut-ins will receive a visit from one of our three youth group Christmas carolers! Some will receive a poinsettia after Christmas or a lily after Easter, or a May basket made and delivered by the youth group! If you or someone you know would appreciate a visit, please contact the church office and we would be glad to come.

Ed “Bulldog” Johnson receives a May basket from the Ascension youth

Pastor Steve and Norm Guetschoff with Lucille Gimmestad