Quilts and Kits for Lutheran World Relief

Mission Quilts-So Much More Than a Blanket

“There is, indeed, a transforming moment when a Quilt passes from our hands into another’s, and they embrace it.”

Kirk Betts, Former Chairman of the LWR Board of Directors,
upon distributing LWR Quilts in Niger

When you make and send a quilt, you are not only comforting someone you have never met, but providing anobject that is useful in ways you probably never imagined. In addition to being a cozy, cleannew bed cover, it can be:

a baby carrier, tied around amother’s back;

a market display, spread on the ground and piled with vegetables;

a sack for transporting those goods to market;

a sunshade;

a shawl; and most importantly

a constant reminder that someone, far away, cares a lot.

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who helped with the completion of quilts and kits! In October 2011 we delivered 39 cartons to the Lutheran World Relief pickup point inCamarillo. This included 102 mission quilts, 47 baby care kits, 30 school kits, 2 personal care kits and 4 fabric kits.

In addition, fourteen of the quilts were sold during Gifts of Hope for $50.00 each with the proceeds going to Lutheran World Relief to defray shipping costs. Six quilts were given to Lutheran Social Services for local distribution. Three of the quilts were sent to seminary student Kelli Garretson and her roommates after their home in Minneapolis suffered tornado damage. One quilt was given away on Celebration of Ministries Sunday.

Following is a link with an interactive display showing where quilts and kits have been distributed: https://quiltmap.lwr.org

How can you participate?

Donate cotton fabric, sheets, blankets (including electric ones-we pull the cords) and/or mattress pads. Leave them at the Information Desk in the Narthex with a note identifying them for quilting.

Cut squares for quilt tops (experience preferable)

Stitch quilt tops (some sewing experience helpful)

Tie quilts on the 4th Tuesday morning of each month at 9 am in Founders Hall (no experience needed). Check newsletter in case there is a date change.

If you would like to assist with school kits, health kits, layettes and/or sewing kits please pick up an instruction sheet at the Information Desk or check the following links.

For additional information regarding quilts, contact Jan Burgert at 805-493-1216. For additional information regarding the kits, contact Treva Bohning at 805-494-3651.

Additional links with helpful information:

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