One of the largest pipe organs in Ventura County, the Reuter/Salmen pipe organ is 49 ranks (sets) of pipes, on three manuals (keyboards) and pedals, with two enclosed chambers. Originally installed in 1989 by Reuter of Lawrence, Kansas with 31 ranks, it reverberates in the acoustic "bloom" of the Ascension Lutheran sanctuary designed by architect Neal Scribner and built by Larry Carignan. Now, with the discriminating artistry of independent organ builder David Salmen of South Dakota, many sets of flutes, principal stops, and reeds have been added which fill out and enrich the total sound. This outstanding instrument now has eight sets of reed pipes including the Festival Trumpet, with an aural filigree of little Zimbelstern bells and chimes. The console has been modernized, making the total range of pipe organ repertoire much more accessible. It is now ready to welcome and accommodate musical groups from our whole Ventura County region to enrich the total cultural scene.