Altar Guild

The Altar Guild is one of the oldest and ongoing committees in the history of the church. This group is responsible for the preparation of the altar and the sacraments, in accordance with the seasons of the church calendar year. They additionally prepare the baptismal font as needed.

Each Sunday and for any other worship service that may include Communion, the Altar Guild prepares the communion elements for Communion, refreshes the trays between worship services and cleans up at the end of the services. The preparation for communion is done in the Altar Guild room, which is located behind the Sanctuary. This room is dedicated for Altar Guild functions.

Communion supplies are monitored and ordered by Altar Guild members. The supplies include the wine, grape juice, communion cups, candle oil and the wax candles used for Christmas Eve and Easter Vigil. The Altar Guild sees that these supplies are ordered when necessary.

For more information about being a part of the Altar Guild, please contact Howard Sonstegard.