Milestone Ministries

This program is designed to assist parents in nurturing their child in their faith journey, as we believe that faith formation is a partnership between the church and home. Some of these milestones are Baptism, receiving a Bible, First Communion, Confirmation, and Faith Quilts.

It’s ALL about Faith Formation

Milestones Ministry is about engaging the entire congregation in a process of faith formation and spiritual growth by celebrating God’s promises for and presence in our lives, and by claiming our identity as children of God. Highlighting key turning points, rites of passage, accomplishments, and other significant events throughout the entire lifespan, Milestones Ministry allows us to connect the events of our lives with God’s grace, peace, forgiveness, hope, and love. By focusing on God’s presence in the midst of our daily lives we carve out a sense of sacred holiness, placing God at the center of our everyday ordinary living. Milestones also serves as a model for faith practice in the home by equipping parents, guardians, grandparents, sponsors and significant others to pass on the faith and thus create a partnership between the congregation and the home. In short, it is all about faith formation and acknowledging the presence and purpose of God in our lives.

As a congregation that embraces lifelong learning, Milestones Ministry is designed to encompass the entire journey of faith – from the cradle to the grave. The goal is to have at least one milestone for every year from birth to graduation as well as numerous milestones for young adults, adults, and seniors. Ascension Lutheran currently celebrates the following milestones: Baptism, Children’s Bibles for two-year-old children, First Communion, Bible Adventures for 2nd Graders, the annual Backpack Blessing for those entering Confirmation, the Rite of Confirmation, and Senior Recognition with Faith Quilts.

For more information, please contact Myra Chandler, our Milestone Ministry Coordinator, or Pastor Larry. Chris Maccarone coordinates our Faith Quilt Ministry as part of Milestone Ministries.