Hospital Visitation

When you are planning to be in the hospital or are already in the hospital, or if a loved one is hospitalized, please call or email the church office or one of the pastors or Susanne Hopkins (who has office hours Tuesdays and Thursdays).

805-495-0406 church office

The pastors and lay ministers would like to visit you or your loved one. We would come before surgery to pray with you, or after surgery, and as you heal and recuperate. The hospitals no longer provide us with a list of Lutheran patients, so we rely upon you to let us know when we could visit. (Don’t assume we know, unless you tell us. Thanks.) When any one of your pastors makes visits in a hospital, each one represents the others and the congregation as we care and pray for you in Christ’s name. We would be glad to bring you Holy Communion as well.

When you are hospitalized and would like to be on the email prayer tree, please contact Suzie Bothke at 805-492-1146 or email her at If you would like to be on the newsletter prayer list, call the church office or email

Other Resources:

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