SAM’s Tram

Hospitality through transport for those who need help getting to worship, Bible studies, church meetings, doctor appointments or other local destinations (within about 20 miles).

Free (a donation of $1.00 to Caring Ones fund would be appreciated)

Available to the members of Ascension family who have temporary medical limitations that inhibit driving while recuperating, as well as all 65+ seniors.

Assisted transportation means that you will be picked up at the designated time and driven to your destination. Your driver will remain with you while you are there and then return you back to your pick-up place.

Never again miss a worship service or Bible study that you’d like to attend!

You’ll have someone to listen to the doctor if you desire this help.

You’ll have help reading labels, reaching things on shelves, & carrying packages when shopping

No waiting outside in rain or heat for your ride to return sometime within the hour

One email to the SAM’s Tram coordinator at will arrange all your needs.  Sam’s Tram needs two weeks’ notice, preferably, so we can catch a driver before his or her calendar fills up. We will try to get a driver in less than two weeks if an emergency need arises, but cannot promise one will be available.

Volunteer drivers have two forms to complete. Riders have one form. These forms are available from the links below. Please return forms to the church office.

Brian Festerling is our volunteer coordinator for this ministry. Riders may contact his email at He will contact drivers once your forms have been turned in and processed.

The dream is to provide this service to all at Ascension who need it and maybe extend it to more of the community as we develop. Thanks, from your SAM team, Senior Adult Ministries.

“I was glad when they said to me, ‘Let us go to the house of the Lord!'”
Psalm 122:1



Sam’s Tram Vehicle Driver Insurance Form