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The Ascension Lutheran Church Staff can be reached via email, telephone or fax. Main (805) 495-0406.

Senior Pastor   Pastor Tim Delkeskamp
Associate Pastor   Pastor Steve Herder
Director of Administrative Ministries   Kaylee Searway
Interim Senior Pastor   Pastor Paul Gravrock
Ascension Early Childhood Center Director   Pam Musburger
Director of Worship and Music   Howard Sonstegard
Director of Lay Ministry/Pastoral Care   Susanne Hopkins
Director Youth Ministries   Addie Behm
Director of Children’s Ministries   Cori Hengst
New Member Coordinator   Pastor Tim Delkeskamp
Records & Facilities Administrator   Diane Kusnierek
Director of Communications   Stacy Smith Bosco
Administrative Assistant, Supplies & Services   Dianna Lorentson
Church Finance Analyst  Jim Glynn
Church Finance Accountant   Debi Bing
Ascension School Admissions   Tamara Nowlin
Maintenance Admin.   Jeff McMillan
Day Custodian   Camden Lorentson
Nursery Coordinator   Kelly Miller

Council President
Church Email

Church Phone:(805) 495-0406
Church Fax:(805) 374-8447
School:(805) 496-2419
Early Childhood Center:(805) 381-9081